The time is one of corruption.

A century has passed since the world of Golarion first witnessed the influx of magic, divine and arcane, to the heights that it enjoys today. The civilized races all clamor for power and influence over the land; the uncivilized races all pave way to their personal desires. The unholy work unchecked in various corners in the world, as many of the holy remain burdened with their work of good. Gods of all kinds have swept over the earth to attempt to make their power last in subjecting the creation to themselves.

In short, heroes are needed.

Some have risen in the country of Varisia. Their mission is a matter of perspective: each has goals to drive them onward, to move toward a destiny of heroic nature. Will the personal drive the collective? Will individual desires derail the greater good? Will it even matter?

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Ascent of Souls

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