Ascent of Souls

Catching Up

Malifica was brought to justice. The heroes were made honorary citizens of Cormyr for life.
Kobolds attacked the town, and the mayors amulet was stolen.
The band of heroes managed to track the kobolds to their lair in ancient ruins, destroying any semblance of hope for the reptilian humanoids. The amulet was returned.

Elyon flirted somewhat successfully with the mayor’s secretary. Shampoo was desired.
A ring found amongst the ruins of the kobold’s lair was returned to the original family.
A traveling lady arrived with her entourage into Cormyr, apparently passing through.
In the tavern, Shard and Elyon were approached by a very pretty rogue named Lilliana about joining the Council of the Nine. The discussion turned sour, and the rogue exploded a note in Elyon’s face. The rogue ran up the stairs of the tavern and escaped through the window of the room rented by the traveling lady.
The lady, Lady Therese, discussed the evil Council of the Nine, and also asked for the heroes to escort her to the city of Whistledown.
Morsereg’s received a contract to investigate the sudden disappearance of the town of Greenhedge.

Greenhedge being on the way to Whistledown, the heroes escorted Lady Therese, as Shard left on his own to go straight to Whistledown – he was answering a summons from the Captain of his order there.
Lady Therese stopped the caravan just outside of Greenhedge, not wanting to go any closer to the town. Utiradien and Elyon stayed with the carriage as Morsereg investigated the ghost town.
Inside the tavern, a celestial fox being talked/joked with Morsereg about the inhabitants of the town, questioning Morsereg’s father’s death, and also them being in the presence of one of the Nine Councilmembers. Morsereg ran straight out to the carriage, but Lady Therese escaped, disguised as an exact copy of one of her servant boys.
The heroes continued on to Whistledown, a salt-lake port-city with plenty of sailors and plenty of drinking.
In one pub, The Slippy Fish, Elyon makes some new friends in Doodle the gnome and his compatriots, and also finds a new focus for his flirting in a local girl named Rose, who has a taste for rosewine.
Morsereg and Utiradien try out the lower class pub, the Ugly Bugger, but quickly decide to meet back up with Elyon.
Morsereg follows a noble merchant gnome and his half-orc bodyguard out of the Slippy Fish, but is threatened away by a band of thugs and theives looking to steal from the same merchant.
Utiradien doesn’t do much, but drinks a little bit and then goes to his room.
Morsereg returns to the Slippy Fish, meets up with Elyon and is handed a note from Jorvan, a fisherman at the same table as Elyon and Doodle. The note says he has information about Morsereg’s dad.

Introductory Tale Part 2

Stuff happened… Secretaries were met… The quest for shampoo grows strong…

Introductory Tales, Part 1

Elyon Fend had spent the last few months training his combat prowess on the road, and he decided to return to his master’s home in eastern Varisia. He knew something was wrong as he came upon the house, and confirmed his worries when he entered. The entire house was disheveled and upturned, blood spatters in places and general upheaval, but the main distortion was the glowing writing on the wall. It looked perhaps elvish, but there was no way Elyon could understand it. He remembered that his master at times spoke of an elvish wizard named Eldarius with whom his master was a friend. Elyon thought that would be a good place to start.

After walking to the nearby town of Cormyr, Elyon entered the tavern near the center of town to see if anyone knew where Eldarius lived. After Elyon explained his plight to the barkeep, another well-armored warrior of sorts approached him. Shard Wanderer introduced himself to Elyon, saying that he had overheard a bit of Elyon’s troubles and that he would like to help Elyon. The fighter accepted the paladin’s offer of aid. Quickly, the two discovered that Eldarius lived underneath Cormyr’s southwestern guard tower, and so off they went. When they came to the guard tower, the fighter and paladin went up to the second floor’s entrance first to make sure that Eldarius lived below. The soldier that answered the door attempted to enlist both into the town’s guard, but they politely refused. The soldier confirmed that the elven wizard lived below, so the two knocked on the ground floor door.

Utiradien had been mostly wandering for the last couple of months after waking up unconscious in a forest. In time he came to Cormyr, finding a nice, simple country town with another elven spellcaster, a wizard named Eldarius. Eldarius, a nice, older elf, was very accomadating in helping Utiradien: allowing Utiradien to live at his house, sharing food, and also giving him tips in who to sell his baskets to in town. Utiradien was doing just well enough to get by, but it was becoming boring, and he was starting to feel stuck. Even more so when Eldarius left a few days back on some sort of mission. Today, however, a knock came from the door, and when Utiradien opened the door, he faced two large imposing figures. “Is your name Eldarius?” said the fighter, Elyon. “No,” replied Utiradien. The three talked briefly concerning Eldarius and his current absence, but it occured to Shard that the elven magus in front of him could probably help in Eldarius’ stead. “Would you join us in helping find Elyon’s master?” Shard asked Utiradien. He shrugged, “Sure.”

Elyon led the group back to his master’s house in the woods and led them all inside. Just out of view in the trees, Morsereg found himself with a decision: should he leave these henchmen alone and go in after they left, or should he sneak up and catch them by surprise? Of course, he would sneak up, being a ninja. The contract that he had taken on had said nothing of henchmen for the witch named Malifica, but he’d rather be cautious than dead. Morsereg fumbled his way up to the front door, but Shard heard him approach quite easily. Both grabbed their weapons. “Who are you? State your business!” declared the paladin.
“I was about to ask the same of you,” replied the elven ninja.
“I am Shard Wanderer, a paladin, and these are my compatriots. We are investigating the whereabouts of master Morpheus for our friend here, Elyon.”
Morsereg relaxed his grip on his katana a bit, yet still suspicious. “I am doing the same. My contract is to kill a witch named Malifica, whose latest victim is apparently this Morpheus. I am sent to kill her.”
“Then perhaps we could aid you in your contract, as we probably seek the same ends.”
“Maybe, but it is MY contract. I wouldn’t let you get any of the pay.” At that point, Morsereg noticed the other elf in party with the two heavily armed humans. In Elven, he asked Utiradien, “How did you end up with these two meat-heads?” They talked for a bit in Elven, but were interrupted by Shard, who could no longer bear not understanding their conversation.

After introductions were made and concentration returned to the problem at hand, Utiradien translated the magical script on the wall of the house. It said: “This man has ruined me by destroying my name! My good fortune is cast down because Morpheus has destroyed Malifica!” The group continued searching the house after mulling over what the script might mean. Elyon found some of his master’s armor, badly torn through and bloodied. Shard noticed that the land around Morpheus’ house was magically attacked, withered and beaten. Morsereg noticed dog and half-orc tracks leading away from the house. Could this be their culprit? They followed the tracks…


wer tale di Útíradien.

vin vaecaesin ios vin ulhyrr di svaklar jaci jahus kitril usv svabol jacida svihelen vorqa hefoc. jacida ominak ui Útíradien tagoa jaci jahus kitril tomosha. jacida fiexnahi re completely aussir tagoa jaci tepohaic thric saurivic. utíradien jahus abandoned ini jacida svihelen sva uthwix qort ekess jacida lack di toma vur unsightly garris.(mostly still wer thric saurivic youwe.) growing svern shafaer wer revini di vi town jaci tiric ti jinthil, jaci struggled mrith surviving kear ekess kear

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