The Gray Guardian

A legendary paladin and devil hunter.


Not much is known about the man known as the Gray Guardian. He usually keeps to himself, and hides his appearance behind a winged helmet with a facemask. His armor shines with a holy light, and his longsword, Martyn, is said to be heavily enchanted against evil. He is said to have red hair tinged with white, is approximately in his late forties to early fifties, and has a full red and white beard.

The Gray Guardian draws his name from the long, gray cloak that he wears. Often a demon or devil will attempt to attack what appears to be a harmless, weary traveler in a simple cloak, only to be very unpleasantly surprised to find itself as the prey. His combat abilities are first class, and tales are told of how he once slew an arch-devil in single combat.

Villages and towns that are beset or often plagued by otherworldly enemies are places you’ll most likely find him. He has no permanent home, sometimes sleeping in the wilderness, sometimes staying in taverns incognito. His single-minded mission is the defense of all weaker than he, and the upholding of justice and righteousness.

The Gray Guardian

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