Malifica the Witch

A half-orc witch who has attacked Morpheus


An incredibly evil, half-orc witch, Malifica possessed considerable power before her untimely demise. She claimed to have loved Morpheus, a fighter of great renown, but he would not have her. Enraged, she kidnapped him, keeping him in a cabin in the woods. When a party of adventurers comprised of Shard Wanderer, Morsereg, Elyon Fend and Utiradien followed her trail in an attempt to retrieve Morpheus, Malifica confronted them, sending her familiar, Tuff and another dog named Ruff to slay them. After a heated battle, the adventurers were victorious against the animals. Attempting to cast a spell to decimate the party, Malifica was enfeebled and racked with pain when her spell backfired. After diplomatic attempts by Shard Wanderer went nowhere, the party engaged in combat with Malifica. While Utiradien and Morsereg occupied her with attacks, Elyon managed to wrestle her into submission, and Shard restrained her. After Shard offered a pronunciation of her guilt in the eyes of Iomede, Morsereg fulfilled his contract to assassinate her. Malifica fell there.


Malifica the Witch

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