Ascent of Souls

Catching Up

Malifica was brought to justice. The heroes were made honorary citizens of Cormyr for life.
Kobolds attacked the town, and the mayors amulet was stolen.
The band of heroes managed to track the kobolds to their lair in ancient ruins, destroying any semblance of hope for the reptilian humanoids. The amulet was returned.

Elyon flirted somewhat successfully with the mayor’s secretary. Shampoo was desired.
A ring found amongst the ruins of the kobold’s lair was returned to the original family.
A traveling lady arrived with her entourage into Cormyr, apparently passing through.
In the tavern, Shard and Elyon were approached by a very pretty rogue named Lilliana about joining the Council of the Nine. The discussion turned sour, and the rogue exploded a note in Elyon’s face. The rogue ran up the stairs of the tavern and escaped through the window of the room rented by the traveling lady.
The lady, Lady Therese, discussed the evil Council of the Nine, and also asked for the heroes to escort her to the city of Whistledown.
Morsereg’s received a contract to investigate the sudden disappearance of the town of Greenhedge.

Greenhedge being on the way to Whistledown, the heroes escorted Lady Therese, as Shard left on his own to go straight to Whistledown – he was answering a summons from the Captain of his order there.
Lady Therese stopped the caravan just outside of Greenhedge, not wanting to go any closer to the town. Utiradien and Elyon stayed with the carriage as Morsereg investigated the ghost town.
Inside the tavern, a celestial fox being talked/joked with Morsereg about the inhabitants of the town, questioning Morsereg’s father’s death, and also them being in the presence of one of the Nine Councilmembers. Morsereg ran straight out to the carriage, but Lady Therese escaped, disguised as an exact copy of one of her servant boys.
The heroes continued on to Whistledown, a salt-lake port-city with plenty of sailors and plenty of drinking.
In one pub, The Slippy Fish, Elyon makes some new friends in Doodle the gnome and his compatriots, and also finds a new focus for his flirting in a local girl named Rose, who has a taste for rosewine.
Morsereg and Utiradien try out the lower class pub, the Ugly Bugger, but quickly decide to meet back up with Elyon.
Morsereg follows a noble merchant gnome and his half-orc bodyguard out of the Slippy Fish, but is threatened away by a band of thugs and theives looking to steal from the same merchant.
Utiradien doesn’t do much, but drinks a little bit and then goes to his room.
Morsereg returns to the Slippy Fish, meets up with Elyon and is handed a note from Jorvan, a fisherman at the same table as Elyon and Doodle. The note says he has information about Morsereg’s dad.


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